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Solicitation Policy

The company will explain its solicitation policy towards investors based on the “Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments.”

1.Basic Attitude of Solicitation towards Investors

  • ● Based on the full understanding of the investment experience, knowledge, funds, investment purpose, level of acceptable risk, etc., of investors, and with respect to their intentions, the Company will strive to conduct solicitation of products that is appropriate to the actual condition of investors.
  • ● For investors to execute transactions based on their own judgement and responsibility upon solicitation, the Company will endeavor to conduct appropriate explanation of investment details, risk details, etc. in view of the knowledge, experience, etc., of investors
  • ● The Company will endeavor to provide clear and faithful information that causes no misunderstanding, corresponding to the complexity of products and their importance. In addition, it will endeavor to cause no misunderstanding of investors from giving misleading or decisive statements about uncertain matters, providing factually inaccurate information, etc.

2.Methods, Locations, Timing of Solicitation

  • ● The Company will endeavor to execute solicitation from the standpoint of investors, placing utmost importance on gaining the confidence of investors at all times.
  • ● The Company will endeavor to conduct solicitation based on reasonable grounds and complying with relevant laws and regulations
  • ● The Company will not conduct solicitation late at night, early in the morning or in other hours that will cause a nuisance to investors. In the event of nuisance, please contact the responsible departments (asset management department/origination department; Tel: +81-3-3242-7152) to that effect.

3.Other Matters Concerning Securing Appropriateness of Solicitation

  • ● The Company will endeavor to develop and reinforce its internal control system in order to conduct solicitation in an appropriate manner and complying with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments and other relevant laws and regulations.

In addition, as a financial instruments business operator, the Company is registered for investment management business, investment advisory and agency business, and type II financial instruments business.

Revised January 1, 2018
Mizuho Real Estate Management Co., Ltd.

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