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Purposes of Use in Handling of Personal Information

Mizuho Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. (the Company) handles personal information of the concerned individual within the scope necessary to perform business and to achieve the purposes of use below, and does not use personal information beyond that scope.

1. Businesses

(1) Investment management business, investment advisory and agency business and accompanying business
(2) Type II financial instruments business (acquisition, disposition, offering of collective investment scheme interest and handling of private interest as well as transaction and agency of transaction of beneficial interest in a trust) and accompanying business
(3) Consultation regarding securities or real estate, etc. and accompanying business
(4) Accepting business concerning management of securities or real estate, etc. and accompanying business
(5) Internal management business
(6) Other business which the Company can conduct and accompanying business (including business for which handling will be permitted in the future)

2. Purposes of Use

(1) To conclude and execute contracts concerning investment management business, investment advisory and agency business, various consulting business and other services the Company provides
(2) To solicit, sell and transact securities, financial instruments and services the Company handles and for its report and notice
(3) To execute rights or fulfill obligation of clients based on laws or contracts regarding distribution money, redemption money, etc. of securities and financial instruments the Company handles
(4) To conduct investigations required concerning acquisition, management, distribution of securities and real estate, etc.
(5) To research market, and develop and study financial instruments, securities and services
(6) To confirm identity based on laws and regulations, etc. and confirm service use qualifications, etc.
(7) To conduct management of continuous transaction such as due date management of transactions, etc.
(8) To accept applications of contracts and continuous use, and to judge its appropriateness
(9) To execute commissioned business in the case of when all or part of treatment of personal information is commissioned from other business operators, etc.
(10) To execute rights or fulfill obligations based on contracts with clients and laws, etc.
(11) To conduct various proposals and advisory on financial instruments and services, etc. of partner companies, etc.
(12) To conduct cancellation of various transactions and aftercare management after transaction cancellation
(13) To identify and manage various risks and to execute other transactions and contracts appropriately and smoothly
(14) To recruit officers and employees of the Company and manage employment
(15) To conduct the internal control (internal management) business of the Company
(16) To manage the business partners of the Company
(17) To procure funds for the Company
(18) To provide personal information to third parties within the scope necessary to achieve the abovementioned purposes of use

Revised January 1, 2018
Mizuho Real Estate Management Co., Ltd.

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